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Chick-Chat is a lifestyle blog set up by Meli and Becca. We've been friends since school, and after going on holiday we decided that we wanted to set up a blog to write about our travels... realising we hadn't really done enough travelling for that we decided to make it a little bit more general! We currently live at other ends of the country, so finding the time to blog keeps us in touch with what each other is up to. We've written a little bit about ourselves below, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch at!

Hi, I’m Meli and one half of Chick-Chat!

I am currently studying History of Art at university and will be graduating this year. After this I’m hoping to pursue a career in journalism. Having set up this blog with Becca, it has enhanced my enthusiasm for writing and given me the opportunity to share many of the exciting things I get up to. Having nearly finished my undergraduate degree I want to pass on all sorts of advice I've acquired throughout student life.

During my time at uni I have continued my love for dance, as well as taking up cheer-leading and lacrosse. I love to keep active and make the most of sports on offer as well as being a bit of a gym bunny. My interest in popular culture leads to my never-ending quest to find the perfect balance between Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton. What is not to love about being successful with a touch of royalty?

I really like organising and planning whether it be for uni, work, an activity, night out, night in and all things sociable. The only downside is I’m probably known by friends and family for making too many lists and relying on them completely... 'if it's not on the list it's not happening'. But this blog gives me an excuse to plan fun trips and travels. Mixed with a touch of spontaneity from my other (blogging) half, you can expect many adventure blogs to come!
And the other half...


I'm Becca, I'm 21 and I have just started working in events after having recently graduated in History of Art from Leeds. I love chick flicks, train friends, and all things new (people, places, activities). I'm into my art and photography, I love a good dance, karaoke, or pub quiz -although I don't think I've got an answer right to date..

I am also massively into organising and always have a project, whether that be arranging an exhibition, setting up a website, or this blog! I'm interested in the worlds of events and media, I love to travel and do LOTS of exciting things I can blog about, woo!


  1. Hi ladies! I've nominated your blog for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! Here are the details!