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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Cosmopolitan events: 50 Shades of Lingerie and more

We've both been super busy starting our new-post uni lives as well as getting up to other exciting things so a catch up on everything we have been up to is well overdue. Time has flown so quickly! Looking back on the blog and our inter-railing trip it is safe to say I'm just a little bit sad that it's all over. But thankfully we have bigger and better trips in the plans for this summer so in the mean time I want to write about a few events I've been too. First up... 50 shades of Lingerie! If you don't want to see model's in underwear look away now...

I'm pretty sure nobody has managed to avoid the hype that is 50 shades of grey over the last few months. From 50 shades themed underwear (predictable) to 50 shades of surf powder (didn't see this one coming), businesses everywhere have been rebranding to attract the masses, and by masses I mean the millions suffering from Christian Grey fever. When Cosmo's email popped up informing me of their latest event 50 shades of Lingerie show it was only a couple of minutes before I reached the booking complete page. Let's be honest the best decisions aren't made after hours of deliberation anyway.

To celebrate the release of the film, the magazine put on this similarly risque lingerie catwalk show. Set in the pretty bloomsbury ballroom, we were welcomed down the rose petal strewn staircase to topless male models with free champagne, not a bad start at all...

The large bar was filled with retailers from Freya to Coco de Mer selling products at discount prices. There was also complimentary hair, nails and make-up bar's to take full advantage of including a bra fitting by Wonderbra. We had a couple of hours looking at products and being pampered before the show began. Coco de Mer were also putting on short, intimate seminars as a taster for their 2-hour classes as their London store.

We then entered the ballroom to be seated on beautifully set tables. The show opened with Rebecca Ferguson promoting her latest jazz album - Incase you don't remember she was the x-factor runner up a few years ago. 

Like any event, little nibbles are a must.

And more free wine...

There's no other way of me explaining the show other than to show you all the pictures of the pretty underwear! So here you go:





I've posted about other cosmo events I've been to in the past such as their Body Masterclass which you can read about here. So as you may have gathered, they never disappoint. I always go to these events with my friend Hannah. She lives miles away from me and so it's sort of become our thing when we meet up. 

The whole night was really fun and the 50 shades theme made it that bit more exciting. We also came away with this amazing bag of goodies which I have yet to have time to sift through but I can't wait!

No-one appreciates three new pieces of underwear as much as me. The more the better!

 Check out this little guy...

Look out for my next 2 cosmo event blogs coming soon!

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