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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hvar - Boat Trips, Sunsets And Bars

Throughout our trip people have been absolutely raving about Hvar to us, but it has been such a variety of people, from an elderly lady on the train saying how beautiful it is to groups of young people dubbing it a party island. It was really hard to picture how this all fit together we had conjured up images of this woman in Ibiza and it just wasn't working! But as we arrived all our questions were answered..

The island itself, and the surrounding islands are all really beautiful, so green and the sea is so blue and clear you can see everything underneath you. Combine this with perfect weather and lots of tiny cobbled streets in a bit of a maze it really is everything you would want in an island location. 

In terms of nightlife get all those images of Magaluf and other party locations out of your head, this place has class! There's a row of bars and restaurants along the port and down the cobbled alleyways and they are all really classy and modern with great food and a buzzing atmosphere. The bars themselves are all quite small and are often have more of a chilled atmosphere and are somewhere to sit with friends and meet new people rather than areas with big dance floors. However if its a boogie you're after... And for us it definitely was there are still places where you can get your groove on. 

As well as these bars there are a couple of clubs, Pink Champagne and probably the most famous is Carpe Diem which is actually in a little island that you get a boat to to continue your party into the early hours of the morning. We actually visited the bar in the day as at night you do have to pay to get in and house music is not really our thing. Bars playing one direction will do for us. 

Day 1: 

So day one we arrived at our hostel and this definitely deserves a mention, I won't go into too much detail as we're planning on giving you the lo-down on our favourite hostels at the end of the trip but let's just say Best. Pancakes. Ever. We stayed at Earthers and it was like staying with friends or family rather than in a hostel, the staff were all really friendly and welcoming. On our first night they put on a BBQ and it was quite honestly the best meal we have had the whole trip! The staff they took us into town and showed us around a few bars, we had such a good time here and met some really great people. Regardless of how amazing Hvar was, I would go back just to stay here and visit these people. 

Day 2:

On our second day we rented a boat out, the cost around £25 each but we had it for the whole day until 7 in the evening and the guy gave us a map of all the islands around and showed us the best places to dock up and explore. This was probably one of my favourite days of the whole trip it was so chilled out and we got to see some great places as well as just relaxing on the boat with a picnic and taking a dip in that clear blue sea. 

In the evening we went again to the main square and having not had pasta for one night we were craving it (oh god!) we found a lovely little eatery which served us up a great little spaghetti dish, the service was great we got some free pate and breads to begin with which was nice and the view was great, overlooking the water. 

This second night was really busy in the bars, which was great, as all the Sail Croatia boats had docked up... which meant the Australians had landed! We had another good night in the bars, had a bit of a boogie and met some great people. 

Where next? Here's a hint...

Stay tuned!

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