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Thursday, 14 August 2014

When In Rome...

Day 1:

After having arrived the night before and following our new room mates to see the Colosseum at night we decided that Rome was going to be all about the days and squashing in as much as physically possible. We booked on to a tour of the Vatican for our last day, thinking that this would be a nice place to end and then planned our route for day one including all the attractions that we had heard of, a couple of things that looked too big on the map to miss and the occasional interest point that was 'on the way'. 
We set off on the way to the our first destination, the Trevi Fountain, we were so excited to sit by the water and throw in our coins making a wish so it was pretty disappointing when we arrived to find that there actually wasn't any water and the whole fountain had been cornered off - oh well! 
Thankfully there are so many beautiful places to see in Rome that this was only a minor set-back. We spent the whole day walking around and took in the Pantheon, the Quirinale, and the ancient city as well as lots of general impressive architecture. We ended up heading back to the Colosseum to take a look inside, and while the queue wasn't short it was definitely worth the wait! While from the outside it is obviously massive you really don't get the scale until you actually inside. The architecture is so interesting and we hadn't realised that you were able to look down on the vast amount of tunnels that were underneath. 

Finishing up the evening we went for yet another lovely Italian meal - we're really going to have to mix up the food a bit, pizza and pasta for a month can't be good! (Even though it tastes great). We then popped for some rooftop cocktails before heading to bed for an early night in readiness for our early start the next day!

Day 2:
Our second day in Rome was only really half a day as we were leaving at lunch time. This meant an early start, waking up at 7am! So pretty exhausted, we made our way to the Vatican for 9.

Queues for the Vatican are known to last from at least 2/3 hours, even if you arrive at the crack of dawn so we booked onto a skip-the-line tour with The tour costs around 25€ and an extra 23€ for entry into the basicila and the sistine chapel. It is a large amount to spend on an activity, but I'm sure everyone knows that all three are the must-see attractions in Rome, if not in Europe itself. So if there was anywhere on the trip where we would spend money on an activity it was this. If anything, skipping the hundreds of people in the queue was worth it.

The tour itself was incredibly informative and interesting. The guide was thorough and took us promptly through all of the best parts of he museum, telling us facts along the way. For example did you know the golden sphere on top of the basicila is 4m diameter of solid gold? Or that a acorns are popular in Italian decor as they represented fertility in Antiquity? Me neither haha... A bit random but there's some of the facts I can just about remember as I'm writing this. 

The Vatican museums are huge and apparently, even if we look at every statue for just one second it would take a solid 8months to see them all. So I'd suggest making your way through at a good pace and being selective at the areas you wanted to see. 

After the museums we entered the Sistine Chapel, making sure we were respectful and covering our legs and shoulders. Do not forget to bring something to cover up beforehand,or you may have to improvise, as seen by Becca here:

The ceiling by Michelangelo was amazing to see for ourselves. Unfortunately it is forbidden to take any photos in there, and we were pretty much in and out. 

We ended the tour in St Peter's Basilica which is the biggest church in Europe. It was huge and, as with everywhere at the Vatican, packed with people. Here's a few pictures as I think they describe it better than I can:

We both decided it was worth the amount we spent as walking around without being informed would've been a bit overwhelming and we wouldn't know what to look at. 

Here's a hint of where we're going next: 
Stay tuned... 


  1. Italy is somewhere I really want to visit, especially Rome as there is so many things to see and do there. It looks like you and a great time, the Colosseum looks huge! I also really want to visit Venice and hopefully the boyfriend and I can make a trip. Hope you girls enjoy yourselves, looking forward to the next update!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Hi Emma! Really glad you liked the post, Rome was great lots to do but soo busy! Our next post is about our stay in Venice - will be up soon! You should definately go :) xx