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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Vienna: Culture & Karaoke

Day 1:
As always, we arrived in Vienna quite late and so quickly dropped our things off at the hostel and went on a hunt for food. This turned out to be harder to find than imagined as lots of places were closed because they were all on holiday too! After a short walk we ended up in a little restaurant where we couldn't decide if the decor was intentionally factory like or just in the middle of a renovation... either way the burgers were amazing and huge and it was exactly what we needed.

We then headed back to the hostel where we met a guy called Andy who had decided to travel a bit after a stag do. Looking all sad alone at the bar we invited him to come and do karaoke with us... turns out Andy was kind of a karaoke queen!

This wasn't your average pub karaoke we had been used to, the three of us were literally the only people who had turned up that weren't wannabe x-factor contestants. Every time we 'performed' it would be after someone with and incredible voice- so embarrassing but we powered through, who else was going to destroy an Eminem rap?

Day 2:
As we were only staying the one night in Vienna we tried to cram as much into the next day as possible, so we took a map and some advice from the hostel and off we went. We started off by visiting the Palace which was really pretty with lots of beautiful gardens, a fountain and a great view from the top of the hill. 
You could easily spend a whole day here, as well as the gardens and views the place has its own zoo (the oldest in the world) and a maze... which of course we visited. 

After our morning here we took the underground to the museum quarter we didn't have loads of time so we just picked one gallery to visit but if you enjoy visiting galleries and have the time it's great that they were all in one place. There's a great area in the middle as well to chill out in.

 We visited the Leopold museum which has a great exhibition of Egon Schiele's work as well as a good selection of other artists, definitely worth a visit if you are in Vienna. 

Here's Meli with our GCSE art hero Gustav Klimt. 

After this we grabbed our lunch and headed off to get our train, here's a hint of where too:

Stay tuned...

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