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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Venice: Gondolas and the Biennale

For a city known for its charm, authenticity and picturesque streets, Venice did not disappoint. We took a water bus to our hostel around late afternoon and before we had the chance to unpack or step foot in the hostel we were welcomed with this beautiful scenery. Directly across from the hostel we could see the edge of the square where the main sites are situated.

The hostel itself was fairly plain looking from the outside and sat right on the water edge. Therefore, it was a complete surprise that the interior was like this: 

On the first night we had dinner in a pretty restaurant garden and walked around the area. 

The next day was spent riding gondolas, walking around the main sights and enjoying the atmosphere. Getting used to only travelling on water was so different to any of the places we'd been so far. The gondola was really fun and took us right through the centre, passing the Rialto bridge, as well as going down tiny side streets. 

In the afternoon we went further down the main island and came across the biennale for architecture. We'd heard of the art biennale and because that was a big deal it sounded like this would also be pretty good. 

The show had building representing each country, which housed their best works this year. Here's some pics:

It was really interesting to look around and the work was laid out creatively - not just the architecture plans you'd expect!

We spent our last full day at the Lido as a beach day was much overdue. Also meant we got to test our new waterproof pouches... Which may sound sad but you should be jealous, they are amazing. 

Unfortunately the rain meant we had to leave earlier than we wanted. So we headed over to the main land for the evening and to find somewhere for dinner. The restaurant we ended up in was a hidden gem. You walked right through a building and before ending up in this sweet food garden. The food was so delicious (and made a change from pizza and pasta): 

Here's a hint to where we're going next: 

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