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Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Having arrived late because we missed our bus (oops!) we decided to just go out for a nice meal and then plan our next day wisely as we were supposed to be leaving just after lunch and wanted to make the most of our time. 

The food here was great and cheaper than in previous locations, we ate near the university in one of the local pizzerias which had a really cool ski cabin type feel to it. We stayed at the All You Need hotel and even though it didn't have ALL we needed (somewhere we could upload our photos from the camera!) it was a really great hotel with comfy beds, the biggest showers and breakfast included, yum. 

The next day we woke up and headed off to the lake Worthersee, on the way we got a feel for the area which is so cute. Everyone was cycling around, the river was running alongside the path with owner and dog paddle board sessions going on - bizarre but adorable. There was mini golf, a planetarium, segways, and happy families everywhere.

We got to the lake and it was even more beautiful than we had pictured it and the photos don't do it justice, it really was breathtaking. Within five minutes we were rearranging our bookings so that we could stay an extra night. It was that good.... Klagenfurt... Who knew!?

We then spent the whole day around the lake chilling on the piers and beach area as well as renting out a pedalo which was really nice especially because the lake was so still and the weather so good! 

We then also spotted some zorb balls and decided to ignore the fact that all the other people in them were about ten years younger than us and jumped on in. Woo. 

I'm so glad we stayed there the extra night so that we had the full day relaxing around the lake because it really was just so peaceful and lovely. We finished off our day at another university restaurant/pub where we had our first non pasta/pizza meals - yes! Chicken and chips has never looked so good. 

Klagenfurt has turned out to actually be one of our favourite destinations so far and if your looking for somewhere to spend a week relaxing with the family this is a great location. With a campsite right opposite the lake and loads of activities to do around this is a really family friendly place with beautiful views. 

Here's a hint for our next location:

Stay tuned...

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