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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Budapest: Sziget Festival, Bastille and The Baths

The long awaited stop on our trip arrived. We had heard so much good stuff about Budapest's nightlife, young people and the warm baths. With this in mind we stayed for a well-needed 3 night stay so we could explore more and not have to cram everything into a day. Find out what we got up to...

We arrived pretty late so it was a case of drop our stuff and go have a wander round. Our hostel was perfectly located on a busy street with loads of restaurants, bars and 100m from a busy square. The square had loads of trendy bars and a water feature,  because who doesn't love a water feature, and a big Ferris wheel. It was where all the locals and young people congregated in the evening and the atmosphere was lively and lots of music playing from the bars. 

We were so lucky to get to the city just as the Sziget festival kicked off. Everyone we've met on our travels has recommended/told us they were going to it and it really wasn't something to miss. We spent the first day (in the rain!) on this 'island of freedom'. If only the weather was better then all these festival novelties would have been more fun:

Luckily the rain stopped just as the acts started. We saw Bastille, Lily Allen and Macklemore - such an amazing line up and they were all incredible! The atmosphere was great and the fact we got to see these 3 artists all in one day was a bonus. 

We loved Bastille so much we tried to get backstage... Which obviously didn't work out but it was worth a shot. The security guys settled for a selfie instead... 

Our second day was spent walking over the river to the palace, old tramway, parliament and more. The views were really pretty and you can see here why people say Budapest is so pretty. 

In the afternoon we went to one of the Budapest baths. They are open air, thermal pools with ancient decor and a luxurious theme to them. It was interesting to see what they entailed but we were a bit disappointed as they really were just like an outdoor pool. I'm not sure what we expected but small pools where people are basically sardined in, was not it. It was nice to just relax and sunbathe there though and have a dip here and there. 

We planned to go out on our last night but it started to completely pour down with rain! We managed to go for a nice meal and cocktails before having to retreat inside to the bar. 
So instead we had an evening playing pool and chatting with some people we met across the road - a nice way to end our stay in Hungary. 

Here's a hint to where we went next: 


  1. All these posts are making me want to go travelling so badly! I really want to visit Budapest it looks so pretty and fun! The baths look pretty cool, although yeah they are just an indoor swimming pool, just a bit more grand I guess!

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. If you get the chance you definitely should! It was amazing, we were so lucky that the festival was on at the same time as well!x