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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

And Now For Italy... First Stop Milan!

Milan Day 1

Our next stop was Milan! We were so excited to be heading to Italy as there would be considerably more sun and hopefully more fun. Our hostel Ostello Bello was a short work from the main square that situated the Duomo cathedral. The location was perfect and the hostel was amazing. We arrived and were met with 5 friendly roommates, then headed downstairs just in time for (free!) dinner.

They had as much pasta, salad and breads as you wanted and the restaurant/bar area was really sociable. Not to mention the funky decorations everywhere:

Having had a fair few of relaxed nights, we were up for a big night out with lots of dancing. We headed to the Old Fashioned club as it was the only club open on a Sunday. It was only when we arrived that we found out it didn't actually open until midnight. Feeling like our night had gone out the window we walked back to find a taxi rank and ended up being invited into the Just Cavalli club (yes, the one owned by Roberto Cavalli - pretty cool). It was 10€ entry (a little steep but we went with it), and as we clearly looked like we hadn't planned to come here (the sandals and denim shorts were to blame), the waiters took us under their wing and gave us free drinks all night! Here's a few photos of us taking advantage of the surroundings as it's not everyday you end up in a designer club:

With sparklers, free drinks and meeting some interesting characters, the night was a lot of fun and we had a laugh despite probably being completely out of place. In the end, despite everything we were getting for free, we had to sneak out of the club as the waiters got a little creepy and we just wanted to be left alone. And when I say sneaking out I actually meant running, which isn't it as sinister as it sounds but I can't imagine how we'd say bye without being persuaded back. All in all it was an experience and the luxury element was a novelty but we probably wouldn't go back, especially after the running... 

Day 2

So after realising that the past few places we'd been had needed more dressy clothing than we'd anticipated we did a bit of shopping. Ironically we came out with these goodies:

We also bought a few nice clothes from Mango and Zara. You can always depend on these shops to be in any European city you go to! 

In the afternoon we took our own walking tour of Milan. It was surprising how small the city is in that you can pretty much walk around without needing transport. We saw La Scala - the music theatre, the old town Milan streets where we stopped for a much needed Granita, the castle and chilled in the park. Although we ticked off a lot of the tourist spots it didn't feel like we'd done a lot. We liked the city but would've preferred it if we'd found some more active things to do other than walking but it was still nice to see all he different areas.

Milan in August is apparently very quiet with lots of things closed and so on the nightlife front not amazing. Milan on a Monday in August is apparently even worse. This being the case we chose to spend our last night here with our new best buddy Tim. 
Hey Tim - miss you already.

We ended up just having some drinks in the hostel (Ostello Bello) which was the best hostel we've ever stayed in, unsurprisingly as it was voted the best in Milan this year. With some great chill out areas and a bar we were set for the night.

Day 3:

Before we left we set aside time to go and see Milan's main attraction, the cathedral. This is all we ended up doing - seeing it. We had totally forgotten to cover ourselves up for the visit, here's Meli sporting our totally inappropriate clothing, oops! If you want to visit sites like this shorts and vest tops are a no go, we'll remember that one next time! 

We ended up spending some time in the art gallery near by which was so much bigger than we had thought. It was called Museo del Novecento and there was a really interesting selection of works and again because we are under 26 it was completely free - woo! 

Walking outside we came across the Palazzo Reale where another exhibition was on by Takashi Murakami and this really was great so if you are visiting Milan at the moment I would definitely recommend you pay a visit. It was 3€ each to get in and the work was really interesting. Not only this but the way it was displayed in the space was great really contrasting the old building with the modern style.

We then went back to the hostel to grab our bags and hopped on the train again. Any guesses where the next location is?!

Stay tuned ..

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