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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Budapest: Sziget Festival, Bastille and The Baths

The long awaited stop on our trip arrived. We had heard so much good stuff about Budapest's nightlife, young people and the warm baths. With this in mind we stayed for a well-needed 3 night stay so we could explore more and not have to cram everything into a day. Find out what we got up to...

Vienna: Culture & Karaoke

Day 1:
As always, we arrived in Vienna quite late and so quickly dropped our things off at the hostel and went on a hunt for food. This turned out to be harder to find than imagined as lots of places were closed because they were all on holiday too! After a short walk we ended up in a little restaurant where we couldn't decide if the decor was intentionally factory like or just in the middle of a renovation... either way the burgers were amazing and huge and it was exactly what we needed.

We then headed back to the hostel where we met a guy called Andy who had decided to travel a bit after a stag do. Looking all sad alone at the bar we invited him to come and do karaoke with us... turns out Andy was kind of a karaoke queen!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Having arrived late because we missed our bus (oops!) we decided to just go out for a nice meal and then plan our next day wisely as we were supposed to be leaving just after lunch and wanted to make the most of our time. 

The food here was great and cheaper than in previous locations, we ate near the university in one of the local pizzerias which had a really cool ski cabin type feel to it. We stayed at the All You Need hotel and even though it didn't have ALL we needed (somewhere we could upload our photos from the camera!) it was a really great hotel with comfy beds, the biggest showers and breakfast included, yum. 

Venice: Gondolas and the Biennale

For a city known for its charm, authenticity and picturesque streets, Venice did not disappoint. We took a water bus to our hostel around late afternoon and before we had the chance to unpack or step foot in the hostel we were welcomed with this beautiful scenery. Directly across from the hostel we could see the edge of the square where the main sites are situated.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

And Now For Italy... First Stop Milan!

Milan Day 1

Our next stop was Milan! We were so excited to be heading to Italy as there would be considerably more sun and hopefully more fun. Our hostel Ostello Bello was a short work from the main square that situated the Duomo cathedral. The location was perfect and the hostel was amazing. We arrived and were met with 5 friendly roommates, then headed downstairs just in time for (free!) dinner.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Geneva: The Fete, Lake and Posh Parties

Day 1

We arrived in Geneva around 6pm after a 4 and a half hour train journey from Marseille. This was pretty good timing to get ourselves to the hotel before going out to dinner. In true traveller style we got ourselves lost trying to find it, but soon enough we were relaxing in our comfortable room at the NH Rex hotel. With a 4* rating, it's not the usual place you'd expect to be staying on an interrail trip but the city had barely any hostels and they were all the same price as hotels too. So we did a "mystery hotel" option on which was just too exciting an oppurtunity to miss... Plus we got a great hotel at a bargain price!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

First Stop Marseille!

Day 1

After our long travel day the day before and only getting into the hotel at near midnight, it's fair to say we discounted that evening. When we arrived the hotel receptionist welcomed us with a glass of wine (who doesn't want that!) and we chatted about our plans for the next day. Our room in 'Hotel Carre Vieux-Port' was nice and clean, although the hotel was having other floors renovated nothing disturbed us. Having already looked up on trip advisor the main attractions, we knew the Parc des Calanques was the number one attraction. Reviews had told is that the best calanque was calanque des sugiton and was only reachable after an hour long hike. Being lazy and not really fancying a hike on our first day we were going to opt for one of the easier ones but Pierre (the receptionist.. I know typical french name) offered to take us with him and his girlfriend to Sugiton as he insisted it was worth the hike.