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Monday, 2 June 2014

One Direction Where We Are Tour - Concert Review

SO this weekend was very exciting. I went to go and watch One Direction... with my mum - it was great. We seemed to be the oldest combination of people there - oldest and proud! We went all out with matching 1D t-shirts, some pretty groovy dance moves and a massive banner to wave. (Ok the banner wasn't actually ours but we waved it all the same). Read more...

After a few selfies we were ready for the show to start...

We were in good company with some very enthusiastic mothers sat next to us telling us all about how they blagged their way backstage at a JLS concert, I was getting pretty convinced we were going to end up meeting the band - alas this was not to be. 

Here's one of our new friends and an attempted photo of the banner... umm but where was our shout-out guys?! A sign like this deserved recognition - it had a feather bower sewn on the top and everything!

Despite not having a shout-out it was a great show. The boys kicked the concert off with Midnight Memories and the crowd went crazzzyyyy. There was a lot of fireworks, jumping up and down and screaming along to all the songs. We were loving it and it was clear that EVERYONE else was too. 

They mainly played their new songs, obviously, but there was also a good sprinkling of the old favourites - finally a few mum recognised! Despite having had the new CD on repeat in the car for weeks she was la la la-ing her way through in places. S'all good though, she rocked it.

Here are some little snippets:

The concert was exactly what we had expected it to be, just really good fun full of ALL the songs that you can easily sing/scream along to!

Did you go to the concert? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Soooo jealous that you got to go see 1D, it is a bit cringey but i would love to go !! haha see you very soon xxxx