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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cosmopolitan Body Beautiful Masterclass!

I know I haven't done a post in a while, which is sad as I've been up to so many fun things but I've just not had the time to sit and write about them! Last week, my friend and I took the opportunity to attend the body masterclass run by Cosmopolitan magazine. The event focused on the three core aspects of your body that contribute to making you look and feel beautiful: fitness, beauty and nutrition! Read on to find our more...

In all honesty the free goody bag and beauty consultation sold this to us and everything else was just a bonus. We had no idea about the intense day they had lined up for us! We were welcomed with a taster session from Roots and Bulbs. I'd seen the brand here and there and it seems a lot of famous people are fans of their cold-pressed juices. We wanted to see what the big deal was but at the same time we were new to the whole cold-press veg juice thing so we tried the G3 (one of the less stronger ones). They are comprised of completely veg/fruit and no water/sugar or anything bad added! I like all things smoothie related but I did think these wouldn't be as good. Surprisingly they were really refreshing and the fact they are packed with goodness would tempt me to get more of these!

Everyone at the event was split into groups and rotated around the activites. We were so lucky (some may doubt this!) to begin with the cardio with Dalton Wong as I think it's always better to get the hardest things out of the way first - then the rest of the way got gradually easier! As trainer at Twenty-Two training, Dalton trains Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lawrence we expected it to be hard but looking at those two beauts we were keen to get stuck in! If any workout is gonna excite you it would one by a celeb trainer. His session was based on a HIIT class and consisted of many lunges, squats, press ups and so on, continuously for 30 mins. It was harder than any class I've done at the gym even though it was only 30mins. I think this was because it was so repetitive and we never stopped! My muscles hurt SO bad the next day.

Then we moved on to a skincare talk by Birchbox co-founder Hayley Barna. Having this straight after wasn't perfect as we were all a bit sweaty and skin concious at the time. However, finding out about Birchbox was eye-opening and so exciting. I hadn't heard of the company before but Hayley's speech really spoke to me. I love trying new things but I'm not at all completely comfortable with all things hair and make-up - I have so much to learn. Birchbox offer a service which essentially allows you to try before you buy. Their service focuses primarily on high-end brands so it is really useful if you're wondering whether to splurge on the latest skin-care product but are unsure if it is for you. They let us create our own birchbox with four items of our choice.

Next was the toning session with another Twenty-two trainer Becky Birtwistle. I was expecting this to be a combination of moves i'd probably not done or difficult positions or just something different to your average toning classes at the gym. But actually it just consisted of your well known planks, squats etc! I was surprised, and pleased, to know that these are well-loved moves that even celebrity trainers swear by. I suppose what made this class harder was the continuous movement for 30mins without stopping. Otherwise it was a successful and not too challenging class.

Our last stop was a food talk by nutritionist Madeleine Shaw. As our most anticipated celebrity guest, it was probably a good thing we waited all day to enjoy it. Not to mention the appetite we had worked up from the exercise! Her raw pad thai and chocolate mousse with avacados and chia seeds were both so yum. Having followed her on instagram and looked at her website beforehand it was so inspiring to hear about how she actually sticks to this way of eating and made me think twice about what food I put into my body and general health. What you eat really does influence how you feel/your skin/energy and pretty much everything body related. Madeleine doesn't support any fad diets, cutting out food groups or tiny portions and her recipes are SO simple you can't go wrong!

AND THEN THERE WERE GOODY BAGS. I cannot begin to express the excitement that comes with a large bag of free goodies from Cosmopolitan. It was packed with so many useful and unusual things; some sample size, some full! instead of talking you through it ill just show you in pictures:

As you can see the event was packed with all things body and gave us a lot of to think about whilst motivating us to be healthier and happier. If anything I learnt that happiness is just as important as a healthy diet and exercise. I hope Cosmo run's some similar events soon! At £35 for the day it was amazing value for money especially when you take into account one of our freebies alone being worth £100 a bottle!

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