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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Summer Fitness Events: Exciting Gym Alternatives

I know many of us are slaving away for that perfect beach body but it is important to remember that exercise isn't just a quick fix or an act of torture. Whilst most people swear by the gym, health isn't only measured by what you do on cardio machines or with weights, it is about your lifestyle as a whole. So with summer approaching, let's hope for some great weather so we can all get out in the sunshine and bring back the fun to fitness. It is easy to think exercise events are purely for the competitive type but I want you to be aware of the unique, fun events that are on offer too...

1. Cosmopolitan Fitness Masterclass

Photo: Nutritionist Madeleine Shaw. Taken from madeleine_shaw_'s Instagram

This is happening next weekend and I can't wait! If you follow cosmo on twitter you'll more than likely have seen them excessively tweeting about the event. Targeting body, beauty and health the itinerary covers all aspects of becoming the healthy superwoman you deserve to be. The day is structured by two body workouts run by Dalton Wong (personal trainer to Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried!). With nutritionist Madeleine Shaw doing a Q&A, there's a chance to ask about all those superfoods you hear about but have no idea what they are (quinoa...quinola..anyone?). If you don't follow her already then follow this food blogger on Instagram as her recipes and pictures are a healthy inspiration (amongst those chocolate brownie pics your friends are probably posting). Hopefully she'll give free food samples... We can dream! On the topic of samples, the day will begin with Roots and Bulbs smoothie tasting - yum! It will end with skincare talk and tips from Birchbox founder Hayley Barna. And then if that doesn't tempt you, you'll walk away with a free goody bag - Oh Cosmopolitan, you know how to tempt us!

Date: Saturday 31st May - 9:30am-1pm
Location: Danceworks, London
Price: £35
To book: The Link

2. Colour Run

Photo: Becca doing the colour run last year.

Instead of the daunting 5/10K's that everyone seems to be doing this time of year, the colour run is a fun alternative. Walk, jog or dance your way round whilst being covered in brightly coloured powder at each station; the ty-dye look you come out with beats a sweaty face anyday. Described as 'The Happiest 5K on the Planet', you can participate at a variety of locations. Rather than raising money or beating personal bests, the run simply encourages enjoyment. Embrace health, happiness and individuality as the run creates a memorable experience for all.

Date: From 1st July - 20th September
Location: Various Locations
Price: £25.00
To book: Click Here

3. Charity Run

There are so many charity run's that take place over the upcoming summer months. It is hard to know which one to choose but I'd recommend choosing one whose cause is something you wish to support. Or perhaps a friend/family member is raising money for a specific reason, in which case it is the perfect situation for you to jump up and get involved. Now the Virgin London Marathon has already passed (as well as the registering for 2015), but if it inspired you but you're not quite up for the challenge then start with a 5/10K. Popular races include Race for Life, RBC Race for Kids, or one of the various Bupa Great Run's. Do your bit for great causes, aim to improve your personal bests and get some exercise in. The best thing about many of these charity runs is that they don't take themselves too seriously. No matter what your ability you will totally feel comfortable amongst the rest of the runners and to spice things up even more, most welcome fancy dress!

4. Tough Mudder

This one is not so much for the faint-hearted! If you are looking for more of a challenge than your average 5K, take a look at the gruelling course that is Tough Mudder. The mud-ridden obstacle course runs for 10-12 miles and puts participants through electricuting wires, fire and even ice. It may sound terrifying, and believe me it may be a couple of years before I pluck up the courage, but people of all levels of fitness have completed the challenge. If you've got determination, willingness to face fears and a deep belief in teamwork then you could do this. It puts the body through every element and you will ache in every possible muscle, even those you didn't know you had. However, this is a challenge worth facing. Think of the sense of achievement! This unique event takes place in locations around the world and creates something unique and for some, life-changing.

Price: Take a look on the site - large discounts available for groups - rope everyone in!

Here are just a few of the fitness events that have intrigued me whilst I look forward to summer. Are you taking part in anything similar? Have you got any alternatives to the ordinary trip to the gym? Let me know in the comments below :)!

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  1. Great Post I have just done the Race for Life and it was so inspirational to see the amazing messages and reasons people are running and raise £150 for Cancer Research UK !! Hopefully going to run something else sooon !!!