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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Springer FC: Charity Football Tournament At Manchester City

So this post is a little late because I have been pretty busy with exams and finishing up uni but the other day I headed over to the Manchester City stadium to watch the fam have a kick about on the pitch for charity. After weeks of listening to the preparation of who was going to play where it was finally time for my dad to live out his dream of being a footballer. Now I'm not a massive football fan but this was a really great day out so I thought I would share some photos and a little video with you. Read more... 

It was such a nice day, bright sunshine but not too hot to play football in (well it was perfect watching weather anyway). The atmosphere was great, eight teams were all lined up on the pitch in their kit when we arrived and everyone was looking the part. Apart from my family of course who were throwing their hands up and down waving... that didn't look so professional. Gotta love em'.

Looking at our team on paper it was actually quite laughable how bad we were going to be, my Dads uni house... none of them looking quite as athletic as they did back then (and it wasn't great to begin with). My uncle, who falls over when he kicks the ball with his left foot and a bunch of my brothers friends. Now imagine my surprise when in their first match, not only did they win but they scored four goals. I was impressed. From this point my cheering got louder and I got wayyyy too competitive.

The whole day was really well organised, each team got a helper from the club and every time they walked out of the tunnel music played and flags were waved - it was great. The boys came second and even walked away with medals!

*thanks to Jackie and Simon Poyser for the photos!

The day was organised by City in the Community who organise loads of events and assist with causes to enhance the local community, if you want to find out more about them click here!

Here are some highlights from the day:

The boys all loved it and my dad has lived out his dream of playing for Manchester City... ish.

What do you think - is this something you would enjoy? Or Have you been to any great events recently? Let me know in the comments below!

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