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Saturday, 17 May 2014

MAY & JUNE Event Ideas: Ascot, Lovebox, Zoo Lates and more Pre-Summer Fun

Have you finished your exams/handed all your deadlines in? Perhaps you're counting down the days until your holiday or looking for a way to fill up time between holidays (if you're lucky to be going away more than once)? The months of May and June become that funny time between finishing uni work and beginning summer, except it isn't quite summer just yet. I love to have plans to look forward to and as much as I can't wait to go on holiday, it's time to get those countdown days filled too...

Here are a few upcoming events that are popular at this time of year and may get you in the mood for summer! Summer is a great time to catch up with friends here, there and everywhere so why not get yourself to a number of events as an excuse to catch up with different people.

1. Royal Ascot

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So I'm starting with something down the more expensive end, but Ascot is THE 'quintessentially British' event of the summer (or so they like to make out). The highlight of the racing year at Ascot and Europe's most famous race meeting, you can rely on it to be a successful event. Several members of the royal family attend Royal Ascot; prestige factor is an all time high! Having never been, I've always been so jealous as is it always perfect weather for it, and people always look so well-dressed and lovely. A day out in the sunshine with an excuse to buy a dress + fancy headgear - what is not to love? I am keen to go this year but I'm also pretty busy around this time so I hope I can work it out. I'd say this event is perfect if you can get a big group of you guys and girls together.
When: Tuesday 17th June - Saturday 21st June
Cost: From £25.00 - £65.00+
Website: Ascot Info

2. Underbelly Festival - London

The annual Underbelly Festival on London Southbank is back! I've been every year since I moved down south for Uni, and although I have yet to see a show I just LOVE the drinks garden then open up right next to the London Eye. The pop-up beer garden is just out of this world. Reminiscent of something you may see at a festival, yet situated right on the bank of the Thames. The garden is free to enter but be warned drinks are expensive. However, it is totally worth as it the setting with the bunting, lanterns, decked area and comfy sofa style chairs is gorgeous for a sunny afternoon with the girls. The atmosphere is always buzzing! I know I'm recommending this chilled out zone they created more than the festival itself, so do check out the website for information on the shows on offer. Primarily focused on comedians, tickets to events would be perfect presents whether you are after musical events, activities for children or just a night of laughs.
When: 11th April - 25th September
Cost: Prices vary for shows.
Website: Underbelly Info

3. BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend - Glasgow

If you're going to this already then lucky you! Tickets are hard to come across and the general release is pretty much sold out now. However, there are tickets to be won/ up for grabs in the weeks leading up to the event so keep an eye out. As an alternative to the other festival's you've heard of, tickets are highly sought after so I'd suggest you watch out for this every year and get on the ticket wagon asap.
When: 23rd - 25th May - Glasgow
Cost: FREE
Website: Big Weekend Info

4. Zoo Lates - London

My friend told me about Zoo Lates starting this June and it looks so good! London Zoo opens its doors for fantastic summer evenings featuring unique entertainment and a chance to see the animals at night. With everything from comedy to circus style entertainers to chilled out music, the zoo lates provide an opportunity for a lively evening rather than the casual daily stroll you'd expect in this venue. As it is over-18's only you can learn about the animals without the hoards of babies and children on school trips. This also means the opening of a wine bar especially for the events - what is not to love?!
When: 6th June - 25th July 6-10pm
Cost: £28
Website: Zoo Lates Info

5. Lovebox - London

Held in London, Lovebox festival is a two-day event featuring predominantly dance artists. If that's not your thing don't be put off as every year the event expands to wider variety of artists. Like many of the larger festivals it hosts a number of funky, creative activities to keep you occupied such as photobooths and yoga classes. If you're like me and get put off festivals by the idea of staying in a tent and queuing hours for toilets, then Lovebox day tickets will fulfill you're craving for festival wear without hygiene less nights. AND you pay a slice of the rpice compared to other festivals.
When: 18th and 19th July (Not in May/June but now is the time to get tickets!)
Cost: £35
Website: Lovebox Info

6. Wimbledon 

I am going to  be cruel and include Wimbledon in my list even though the Ballot for tickets closed last December. Sorry! But when it comes to British summer, the competition is loved by people attending, people watching and those who choose to just read about it. You don't need to have seats in the court to enjoy the excitement surrounding Wimbledon. Many venues close by and around London show the matches live on huge screens with outdoor seats so you can feel like you're there, watch with other Tennis supporters whilst laying on the grass enjoying the sunshine. Whether you're in London or not, it's nice to be part of the nationwide hype that surrounds the sport and
When: 23rd June - 6 July
Cost: £30-£150
Website: Wimbledon Info

7. COSMO Superblogger Masterclass - London

SO, if you're reading this chances are you fancy yourself as a blogger just as much as we do. But like anything you take up, you can only get better. Whether you're new to this or somewhat of an expert, there is tons to learn and plenty to improve upon. I am so happy about the fact that there is an event like this! This is the chance to learn tips and ask for advice from successful bloggers, Social Media Manager of Next and more in an evening hosted by Cosmo's Editor-in-Chief. I am extremely eager to go myself as I feel a lot of lessons can be learnt in terms of your blog, career and general lifestyle inspiration. Not to mention the bubbly and free goody bag...
When: 23rd June
Cost: £30
Website: Masterclass Info

8. HOLI ONE - Across the UK

HOLI ONE is a colour festival inspired by the Indian tradition that is Holi fest.The general idea is that you get together to enjoy music and dance performances from up and coming acts whilst letting yourself go crazy with the colour powders, being completely care free. I have to admit I envy the people in the videos ad pictures that I have seen.  Events take place in nearly every major city in the UK (and worldwide!) and if you can't afford to go to one of the big festivals this year, why not try out a day at a Holi One festival for a bit of fun.
When: Throughout June - August
Cost: £30 (standard) -£70 (with all the extras)
Website: Holi One Info

I apologise that nearly all of these are in the capital but London offers so many amazing events in this time I couldn't help but be biased. If booked in advance you can get yourself down here from most places for a bargain train ticket anyway. As they are pretty unforgettable events, I'm willing to promise the travel is worthwhile!

Are there any exciting/unique/must-see events going on before summer that I missed out? Are you attending any of these and have advice you could give me? I am so keen when it comes to making plans so please let me know of anything you are looking forward to!


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  2. Ahhhh, I'm so sad. I'm nearing the end of my holiday! Only one full day left in Florida then it's back to England =(

    Corinne x