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Thursday, 15 May 2014

10 Ways To Beat That Exam Stress & Get Your Revision On

Exam time is upon us again - yayyyy. In fact this is probably my last exam period ever which is pretty scary BUT it does mean that I have had plenty of time to perfect/work on my revision style. So to give myself a break from revising I thought I'd put together a little guide on ten ways to beat all of that stress and crack on with your revish. Read more...

#1. Plan & Organise
I always find it really useful to make myself a timetable or list that I can tick off as I go. It makes you feel so much more productive and on top of things.

#2. Tidy
It is so much easier to work in a tidy space, avoid getting distracted by all that rubbish on your desk and just move it out of the way.

#3. Socialise 
Yes you have exams, but no that doesn't mean that you can't have a social life. Make plans to break up your revision, you'll feel fresher going back to it & soooo much better having actually spent time with other human beings.

#4. Something to look forward to
When you're drowning in revision it's always good to have a little something to look forward to reminding you that there is life after exams. Whether this is a holiday with the girls, a shopping spree or just a night out with some friends, give yourself something to look forward to.

#5. Make it interesting
Revision doesn't have to be boring, ok it probably will be but you can try your best to think of different ways to make it more interesting. Check out a few ideas here.

#6. Exercise

Go to the gym, do an exercise video or book yourself onto a class. It gives you a break from revision and it's good for you - win win.

#7. Eat well
You feel better when you're eating well, it's just a fact. Get yourself some good brain food and it'll help you focus on revision. Here's some ideas.

#8. Me Time is still a thing...
You can still make time for yourself! Wind down before bed with a magazine or paint your nails, make time for yourself and it'll help you feel more relaxed.

#9. Get out of the house
Staying in the house all day can be a real soul destroyer. Try working in the library, make time for the gym or even just take a trip to Sainsbury's. A little bit of fresh air can make you feel so much better.

#10. Remember
It will get done... because it has to.

How do you stay calm during exams? Let me know your best ways to beat exam stress below!
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  1. I don't have exams but I have to read constantly for work and it consists of textbooks, articles and pretty much all things studying! Good advice :D

  2. Great advice! I personally stay calm by having a 'man up' attitude (sounds a little harsh haha) but in the sense that the time used stressing could be time used doing the work ;p It's also making sure that i've got lots of liquids down and sleep enough too :)
    Thank you for following me as well, i really appreciate it! x
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    1. That is so true, sometimes you do just need to man up and get on with it! xx