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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Workout Wednesday: 'Nike Training Club' APP REVIEW

We are bringing our Workout Wednesday series to an end as we have explored a variety of classes and trends that we wanted to try. So to finish off, and to send you off into the world of exercise all on your own, what better than an exercise app that lists pretty much every move under the sun. When you are limited on time or if you aren't a member of the gym, this app provides effective  routines to do at home. Read on to find out more...

First of all, this app is FREE! And it's created by Nike which if I'm honest reeled me in from the start. It doesn't disappoint and exceeded my expectations as I was looking for an app that simply listed exercises which I could combine how I pleased, but this app offered so many combinations of workouts for all levels and targeted workouts for specific areas of the body.

Upon opening the app and selecting Get Workout, you can choose your Goal from the following options: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong or Get Focused. I personally love Get Toned as I want to tone up my abs and legs for bikini season.

You then choose Level depending on how often you work out. If you go to the gym/workout 3-5+ times a week then you can choose Advanced. This appeals to me as I like to push myself and select a vigorous workout. Oh and there the added bonus that you can add your own music to the each workout.

Finally, you can choose workouts that vary in time and quite a few are devised by well known athletes or trainers such as Paula Radcliffe. I like this Ab and Butt workout. It tells you the approx. calories you burn and you can Review Workout before you start to look at each exercise. This is also useful on days where you can't complete the whole workout so you follow the ones you wish to do individually.

Once you select Do Workout an instructor starts speaking to you outlining each movement, so you can put in your headphones and you don't need to constantly look at the screen. If, like me, you see 'crazy ivans' or 'plank walks' and wonder what leg/arm goes where you can click on the picture and watch a how-to video. You'll soon become very familiar with all the moves and terminology as most workouts share a lot of the same movements.

I really like the amount of workouts that are available as I often get bored doing the same thing again and again and it is frequently said that varying your exercises is much more beneficial when trying to lose weight. You can add workouts to a favourites list and even create programmes based on long term goals.

If you're serious about incorporating exercise into your lifestyle, rather than following a short-term challenge/FAD, then this is a great app. What I have found, unlike exercise videos, I can rely on this app to not run out of material or leave me bored. It encourages workouts as habit and is a great on-the-go tool to have with you where ever you go, whilst letting you record your successes!

Please let me know of any useful lifestyle/healthy apps that are out there! This app is so useful for workouts. Is there any healthy eating equivalents out there? Have you used this app? Is there competition for Nike Training Club? Leave a comment below :)

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