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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Workout Wednesday: The Squat Challenge

This week's Workout Wednesday is about the thirty day squat challenge, after hearing so many raving reviews we thought we would jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss was about. You can check out our previous Workout Wednesday's here. Read more...


Becca's Experience: 

So when we decided we were going to try this out the first issue to tackle was how to squat properly, if you're committing to thirty days of hardcore squatting you want to be doing it right! So before you start make sure you know what you're doing! Check out Jen Selter demonstrating here.

I actually really enjoyed doing the squat challenge, mainly because it gives you a set task for each day and you can see that you're actively progressing towards a goal. I did, however, feel like I was cheating a little bit because my regular exercise routine and the classes I attend use the same muscles. This meant that until I got to the last week of the challenge I could walk away after doing my squats without being in the pain my friends were in.

While I didn't notice a massive change after the challenge it did feel like an achievement to have completed and I did (and still do) feel more toned. My only issue now is how to keep this up! Challenges like this are great for the thirty days when you are doing them, but afterwards it is hard to know what is necessary to keep up the progress you have made. So if any of you know a great, regular squat routine let us both know in the comments below!

Meli's Experience: 

I tried out the squat challenge a while ago and although I didn't completely finish I got over the 150 mark and thought it was a pretty good workout. The workout is really popular and has made everyone aware of the benefits of squats, and we can't deny that certain celebs have made the toned behind the ultimate body accessory. 

Like Becca I enjoyed doing this but a lot of classes I attend and workouts I have done before incorporate squats so although I'm sure it was doing some good I didn't massively feel it until I got into the 100's. The problem I have is that I get bored of doing the same exercises again and again and would much prefer to do a completely different work out everyday. So when it came to doing my squats I wasn't really enthusiastic and would get bored after a while. Maybe do this whilst watching TV so you don't notice the time going by. 

Whilst this is widely known as a great exercise I would say do it along with your regular routines as a bonus exercise. With summer coming up I will probably start this again but follow it more loosely. Once you feel like it's not really having an effect I would say up the number you are doing each day. Other than that, squats have been and still are a great exercise for you legs and bum so squat away! 




FUN: ★★

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  1. love the challenge! i'm going to try it!


    1. Yes let us know if you're succesful - good luck! :) x

  2. Wow, congrats on actually finishing it! I don't think I've ever got past day 5 - oops!

    Pick 'n' Kitsch

    1. I know it's hard to stay interested!! Maybe you'll have more luck the second time round xx

  3. I have 43 days to my holiday i think i may start this!! Hannah xx