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Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Chocolate Cafe, Canterbury: Delicious and Enchanting

If you're visiting Canterbury anytime soon and looking for a somewhere for a bite to eat, drink or afternoon snack this is your place. It's no secret that Canterbury is full of cafes and restaurants, in fact it probably has more of those than anything else! But with so much to choose from, and the city being constantly full of tourists its hard to find somewhere which is value for money. Read on to find out why this understated cafe is such a delight...

I have lived in Canterbury for 3 years and, although I have had recommendation after recommendation (not to mention endless instagram pictures on my feed) of the cafe, I have yet to try the place out. With it being potentially my final term, and my love for chocolate being insatiable, I eventually went. There was no better time than when my family came to visit.

After doing a few touristy things we just came for a snack. I chose the had the chocolate milkshake, one of my sisters had the infamous waffle, and the other one chocolate covered strawberries. My mum went for the Chocolate surprise; the waitress brings you the chosen surprise cake of the day which in this case was the Green Tea cake. Not something I would ever have chosen but touches like this add to the uniqueness of the cafe. The cafe is known, obviously for their chocolate desserts but they serve a variety of non-chocolate delights too.

You can enjoy a dessert and a drink for £5 and although it sits on the street right by the cathedral competing with many cafes, their price range is unbeatable. So take a trip to cafe that has surprisingly become a go-to with all the students. A short post, but I feel I couldn't go without giving a recommendation. I apologise for the lack of photos of the venue but I was too engrossed in the food!

What also sets this place apart from other restaurants is that they frequently host day and evening events for all types of visitors. Recently they've had art exhibitions, stand up comedy night, live music and children's events. Check their facebook page here for upcoming events and offers.

Have you been to Canterbury? Are there any restaurants you'd recommend I visit before my time there as a student here is up?

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