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Sunday, 20 April 2014

SUMMER 2014: Top 3 Student Travelling Adventures

So summer is fast approaching and as students we're trying to think of exciting ways to spend the months off uni that we are lucky enough to have. Some of you may have work or work experience lined up but if you're thinking of doing some travelling, now is the time to get planning. I can't stress enough how much you should make the most of this time and go exploring. Once in employment you won't have as big an opportunity as this one. Whilst I'm trying to figure out my summer plans I thought I'd take you through a few of the popular trips people my age tend to take. Do Thailand, Europe or Australia/New Zealand sound appealing? Read on to find out more...

Obviously there are so many potential places to visit in the world and I couldn't cover them all. Instead, I've picked up 3 of the most popular places as inspiration: Interailling around Europe, Thailand and Australia/New Zealand. If you haven't done much travelling before these could be a good place to start.I haven't gone into too much detail as this post is meant to simply inspire you! But look out for more in detail posts on each one coming up soon.

1. Interailing around Europe

For the aspiring traveler, this is a good place to start before you up and leave to the other side of the world. As one of the cheaper options, interailling around Europe allows you to see many countries in one trip. It seems almost like a right of passage, and a way to begin your adventures by checking off a load of countries at once. This will appeal if you're from the UK or Europe already and have managed to go to a few of these countries on holiday, as you'll feel comfortable and aware of what's on offer. However, I would recommend that you choose as many places, if not all of them, that you've not been to. For me this would be more towards Eastern Europe rather than Spain, Germany, France etc.What better way to immerse yourself in cultures and languages than hopping from one country to the next! We're hoping to take this trip in August so watch out for posts on planning, countries and To-Do lists as we prepare! From two weeks to six, this is perfect for a summer break, but bare in mind it will require a lot of planning beforehand.

Here's a few pictures of what you might see:

2. Thailand

This is a safe bet for those wanting to visit Asia. This is hugely popular with student tourists and although you will experience a completely different culture, you can guarantee that where you visit will be packed with tourists just like you. Nothing wrong with that though as you can meet others and exchange advice on places to do and things to do. Just don't expect it to be a secluded place, untouched by tourists. Some of the most common activities include, sunbathing on beautiful beaches, swimming in waterfalls and trekking with elephants. Life really is a beach! If I were to do this trip I'd go for 3/4 weeks.

And again some pictures of places you might visit:

3. Australia/New Zealand

From what I've seen of friends taking this trip it is excellent for the adrenaline junkie and beach babe. In between adopting a golden tan and throwing yourself of things, you can spend afternoons visiting Australia's wildlife (think joey's and the oh-so-cute koalas!). Unlike Thailand/ Europe where everything pretty much organizes its own itinerary, it seems traveler's take to take things as it comes when visiting these two places. With a lot of tourists choosing to go for several months as a time, it is common to pick up a job whilst out there and really get immersed in the lifestyle. Diving off the great barrier reef and surfing are extremely popular in Aus so if that's your thing go for it! For the thrill-seeking kind New Zealand offers, bungee jumping, canyon swinging, paragliding, skydiving and rafting to name a few. You can pick one of the other, but I've seen a lot of people take advantage of travelling that far by combining Australia and New Zealand. I'd recommend at least a couple of months for this trip.

And lastly some pictures to inspire you:

Let us know if you've been to any of these places or are thinking of making a trip this summer. If you have any tips that wold be great. Look out for more detailed travelling tips and plans to follow!


  1. In my gap year I spent three months in Australia and it was amazing :) Really want to go back, and really want to visit Thailand and Asia. Im hoping to do Europe as well, I've done a few cities in the past but would love to travel around all/lots of it. :)

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Oh wow sounds amazing maybe well end up in aus next summer. You should definitely try interailing (although I've not been YET) it seems like the best way to cover every city :) xx

  2. Love this post :) I am going to Thailand in Summer and Can't wait !! :)


    1. Thank you! As that's so exciting I'm hoping to go next Easter (a while away I know) but maybe I'll pick your brains about it then. Have a great time!! Xx

  3. Such a lovely post.

    As you saw I did Prague last week. Have done both Thailand/Australia with parents and uni friends. If you want any advice just shout :) As silly/cliche as it sounds Lonely Planets are amazing.

    Fie xx
    Coffee & Confetti

    1. Thank you for your advice I'll check out Lonely Planet :) May definitely head your way with some questions before summer - so thanks in advance! xxx

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