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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Birthday Celebrations, Fake Bake and Food Food Food

It was my birthday last week and of course I decided to spread out my celebrations for as long as I possibly could/can (they're still going) so here's a little insight into all things birthday so far! read more...

On the day my family came up for lunch and we went to Ask Italian, which was really nice. We decided we needed to have 21 dishes on the table and between the six of us this was quite a lot! But we managed, of course! The food was really good and they have the nicest puddings, my fave is the chocolate amore, if you've ever had a GU pudding it's just like one of those.. but bigger. mmmmm.

Amongst my prezzie's my family made me this really lovely book of 21 bits of life advice, so cute and such a nice thought if you're looking for a present idea!

As if I hadn't eaten enough food for the day, (which I definitely had... I felt like I could have been rolled home) I then went for tea with my flat mates and some friends. We went to Trio in Headingley, I'd never been before but I will definitely be going again! The food was so nice. Even though I was still full from lunch I was tempted in by the ribs and I'm so glad I was - just look at them!

These were possibly the best ribs I've ever had, ever. They were so tender, and just the right amount of sauce. I can't recommend them enough so just get down there and give them a go!

Trio is also a cocktail bar so obviously we couldn't leave before trying them out, tasty of course. It was a really nice atmosphere and we found out that they do salsa nights so we will definitely be going back for one of those! 

Then on friday I had the girls up from home and we did a mini pub crawl then ended up at the union for a night out. It was fancy dress with the theme dress as something beginning with 'b' (for Becca, creative I know... ha) It was so nice to have Meli and the girls up and I can't imagine a better way to celebrate than the night we had- so much fun! 

We started off at Arc in Headingley which does great cocktails

Then carried on to a few more pubs before we hit up Skyrack for Karaoke Friday's...

We were absolutely loving it and after singing a bit of Busted we headed off to the club

Every 21st we make a bit of a challenge list for whoever's birthday it is, this is when everything I'd written for other people came back to bite me! But it's alright, I gave them things to do as well.. Becky came as a bride so this obviously meant that she would have to make a few proposals during the night...

It was such a good night, and a great way to celebrate the big 2-1

You may (or may not) have noticed from the photos that I am slightly more tanned than usual, now I'm not normally a fake tan person but this may just become my new obsession. It's Fake Bake 60 minute spray tan and I LOVE it. I've had it done twice now at Shrine Salon and Spa and it is just such a nice natural colour, giving a healthy glow rather than an all out obvious tan and I'm normally really pale so it's nice to have a bit of colour. You can probably see the colour best in the first picture, it's quite subtle but gets darker the longer you choose to leave it on. It also continues to develop after you've washed it off so don't panic if you look really pale straight out of the shower!

You only have to leave it on an hour before you wash it off so it's easy to fit in around a busy schedule. For the best results and a slightly darker tan you can leave it on for up to three hours, but it's not the end of the world if you leave it on longer. The lady who did mine told me she'd left it overnight before and it was dark but not a disaster!

Have you been celebrating recently? Or tried anything from this post? Let me know what you thought in the comments!


  1. looks like you had a great time! :)