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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Oh Hey Mrs Carter! The Concert And Why We Love Her...

This time last week Becca and I were anticipating seeing Beyoncé in concert at the O2 London. We'd both seen her before but we can't get enough. It was amazing! As expected she did not disappoint.
Read on to hear about our experience and why we love this woman...

Last time we'd both been standing in a crowd (Becca at V vest and myself at her concert last year) but this time we decided to be seated. What a good decision this was as we could put our stuff down and we had enough room to properly dance - one of the main reasons we wanted to go get our moves on along to her singing live for a change. Keeping up our reputation for keeness we bought these tshirts:
As I'm sure you know, Beyoncé did a huge release of her full album 'Beyoncé' to millions of unexpecting fans at the end of last year (how could you miss this). Being able to create many amazing tracks AND videos for each one in secret without a soul suspecting a thing just shows how hardworking and dedicated Mrs Carter is. In a time like this where everyone can find out everything to hide a project you've been working on for a year is crazy. But she did it! 
This album is a change from the well-loved songs we all know, as it takes a less upbeat, softer tones but with lustier, playful content. I'm sure you'd all agree she's upped the sexiness (is this possible!?) of the lyrics and videos to match her ever-growing desire to show female independance but this time with a lot of focus on her role in her marriage. Particularly songs like drunken love which feature her husband Jay Z. They are just the ultimate couple and when he came on to do the song with her I was so so excited!! As both strong, independant characters looking at them together they just everything right. Definately a favourite from the night. 
Here she is opening the song:
And when Jay came on:

She played a great handful from her new album as expected. Another one to remember was partition, not a favourite song before the concert but the performance and the silouhette dancing changed that. She looked perfect and if ever there was one of her songs that inspired you to want her body it was this. 
Beyoncé has had such a huge following since destinys child mid-90's which is before we even started school so it seems like a must that she does all the old favourite too. We LOVE 'irreplaceable' and her performance of this showed how much she is loved by her fans. The first minute of the song she didn't even sing as the crowd were singing the words so loud, she just sat and embraced this - I can't imagine how overwhelming that must feel, wow. She also did Crazy in Love, Halo and and Love On Top. 
It wouldn't be Beyoncé if she didn't get the crowd emotional. She played XO, Heaven and Haunted which have such honest lyrics and had the atmosphere in the crowd was so tense as everyone seemed to connect with the songs. As you can see were massive fans and I could rave about her songs endlessly. Seeing her in concert though really brings it to another level with her amazing routines (I wish I could dance like her!... Although when I'm on a night out I probably think I can), th costumes staging and huge crowd made this an unforgettable and exciting experience. I can't think of how else to say it other than we really did have a lot of fun!

Sorry for the excessive video and photo material I just couldn't choose the best and thought you really needed to see the videos to understand how it felt!

Have you seen any of her World Tour concerts? Or have you seen her live before? Let us know! I'd love to here how your experience was!

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  1. I've nominated you both for Leibster Award, i love your guys blog its lovely. xx