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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide: Last Minute Ideas

So if you are anything like me Mother's day has crept up on you this year and you have less than a week to get the perfect present. Sound familiar? Don't worry, I've got your back. Here are some of my Mother's day favourites read more...

#1 Candles 
Starting off cheap and cheerful, this cute little candle is only £3 from ikea! Candles are great presents when you're not really sure what to buy, you can never have too many, they always look really lovely and are nice little decorations for around the house. You can check out this candle here.

#2 Flowers
These beautiful spring flowers can be bought through Interflora here for £22.99, but you can get a nice bunch of flowers for really cheap from local shops and supermarkets so even if you are on a budget this can be a really nice gift!

#3 Betty's Gift Selection
Betty's is a really lovely tea rooms famous for their delicious cakes and afternoon tea and they also do a selection of gift hampers. What mother wouldn't love a hamper full of tasty treats?! Here's a link, but it doesn't have to be from Betty's, in fact it doesn't have to be from anywhere! You could put a lovely little hamper together yourself full of all of your mum's favourite foods, cakes you've baked, little things you've picked up... the opportunities are endless!

#4 Molton Brown Treats
This is the Pink Pepperpod Bodywash and it's £18 from Molton Brown, my mum LOVES Molton Brown and I don't blame her! They do some really lovely soaps / moisturisers / shower goodies and are the perfect present for this sort of occasion!

#5 Massage
Let's face it, mums have A LOT on their minds... always picking up after everyone and checking everyone's ok. So if I was a mum what I would really love is to not have to think about everyone for half an hour while I listened to calm music and someone gave me a back rub. Fortunately this exists, so why not book your mum in for a massage. This is also the perfect last minute gift because you don't have to worry about it arriving on time, so go on get booking!

#6 Nail Polish 
It's always nice to have your nails done and even nicer when you have a lovely new nail varnish to do them with. So why not treat your mum to some luxury nail polish, like this beautiful little selection from Dior.

#7 Scarf
Now that spring has (supposedly) arrived it is time to swap those thick woolly scarves for something slightly lighter and there are so many pretty ones around at the moment like this one from Oasis for £15.

#8 Photo Frame
I love personal presents and a photo frame always provides the opportunity to give a present a personal touch. The other thing is with the internet and facebook I find we don't have as many photos around the house to look at because they're all online and sometimes it's really nice to have a physical copy! So why not pick some of your favourite pictures of you and your mum and put them in a nice little frame for her.

#9 Personalised Wine
Another personalised prezzie! So here's the link for one of these, but unless you get on it quickly you may struggle to get this delivered in time. BUT what I thought when I saw this was that you could make your own! If you're mum has a favourite bottle of wine or box of chocolates you could buy them and then make a personalised label or card to go with it. Cutteeeee.

I hope this was helpful, putting it together definitely helped me to think of what I'm going to do!
Hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day and let me know what you have planned!


  1. that candle is gorgeous! my mum loves things like that so i got her a gift set from the white company :) id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Glad you like it! Such a good call my mum loves the white company too!xx