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Monday, 10 March 2014

London: Free Hugs And Filming

So as you may already know, because we got very excited and tweeted A LOT, this week Meli and I were in London to watch the beautiful, amazing, inspirational, just brilliant in every way person that is Beyonce. She was incredible. Of course. And we'll be putting a post up very soon for you to read all about that.

But while we were there we thought we may as well stay in London for the night and spend the next day exploring all the exciting things that it has to offer. As it turned out we were both feeling pretty sleepy and the weather was so lovely that we decided to change our plans and have a relaxing day filled with eating lots of food and sitting in the park. 

BUT on our way to the park we came across this lovely chap who spends his lunch hour standing outside holding this sign to put a smile on peoples faces. Adorable. 

So we decided we were going to be just as adorable...
After having seen lots of people giving out free hugs last year I had popped it on the new years resolution list (why not) and this seemed like the perfect time to go for it. 

So we made our own sign and aimed for at least one hug each before we could give up. Turns out the people of London wanted (or accepted out of awkwardness) a lot more hugs than we had given them credit for!

We were loving all the hugging and having a great time when the afternoon got even better. Two guys doing a course with the Guardian turned up and decided to film and follow us around creating a mini documentary for a project they had to do. It was great... we pretty much felt like the Kardashians for the afternoon (ha) so much fun!

We'll be uploading our own little video of it soon so watch this space!
It was such a nice way to spend the afternoon, so go on... give it a go and spread the love 


  1. Haha - definitely would love to try this somewhere like New York!

    1. It was so much fun, you definitely should!x