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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Cinemas: The Cheap, Cheerful And Just Incredibly Cool

Recently I've been visiting the cinema a lot more than usual, but this time instead of it being the film choices that tempted me in it was actually the cinemas that I really wanted to see! The movies were good too, obviously, but it's these two slightly different from normal cinemas that I really want to rave about! read more...
So firstly, I think it's probably good to have a base point of standard cinema prices etc, so having recently visited the Vue I would say this is what I'd consider to be a standard cinema experience. With it being a chain, you find cinema's like this literally everywhere, and the good thing is you know exactly what to expect price wise and so on. A student ticket here on a standard day is £7.25.

Ok so this is where it gets a little more exciting! My first cinema discovery is...

#1 - Cottage Road Cinema, Headingley

I really LOVE cinemas like this, and don't worry if you're not in Leeds these little gems are all over the place, you just have to look for them. Cottage Road Cinema is the oldest cinema in Leeds and really feels like you're getting a very traditional experience. It's cute, cosy and also absolutely massive so even when it's busy you'll have loads of space. Perfect for date night, or when you're wanting to go somewhere a little quieter but still get a real cinema experience.

It is also really great value for money, a student ticket here is £4 before 5pm and £5 after, which means on Orange wednesdays you're only paying £2.50! Bargain. Compare this with the usual cinema prices and you're saving all that money that you can now spend on popcorn and sweets, yum.

The location is great, with a couple of pubs nearby and only a five minute walk to the main road of bars and restaurants in Headingley you've got your entire evening sorted.

If you fancy visiting a cinema like this, check out this map to find all the independent cinema's near you!

My second cinema dream is...

#2 - The Everyman Cinema, Leeds

Ok, so this is probably the opposite to Cottage Road in that it is not super cheap, and it's definitely not the kind of old school, traditional viewing experience. This is the cinema of the future, and I am loving it.

The Everyman has a pizzeria and bar for you to relax in before you watch the film, grab a few cookies and a drink all ready for your glamorous viewing experience. Then once you're in the cinema lean back into your sofas and make the most of the leg room. That's right, sofas. This really is just an incredibly cool (and comfy) way to have the cinema experience.

Great for a date, a girls night, or family time.

Oh and if this wasn't good enough it gets better, FREE PIZZA!

On mondays pizza is free if you're watching a film, so book a table and make the most of this because who doesn't love free food! You're probably picturing a couple of slices each right? wrong....

You get a whole normal size pizza each and they are tasty! It was probably the nicest pizza I've had in a while, and hey the girls look happy!

So price wise we payed £12 each for our visit to the Everyman, while it is more expensive than your regular cinema you are getting pizza and sofas as well. You also get a whole evening out of it which you don't normally get at cinemas, and even if you don't fancy eating and drinking there, the cinema is in the middle of the Trinity Shopping centre and so you're surrounded by other places to go!

For more info and other locations check out their website here

As you can probably tell I really enjoyed my visit to both cinema's and definitely will be going again!