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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Workout Wednesdays: Let The Games Begin!

Heard all your friends saying they are going off to Spinning, Zumba or Boxercise? Wondering what goes down in these classes? So do we. We have decided to fix this by trying out all of these classes. In keeping with the new year, we want to work out and stay healthy like many of you. To make sure this buzz doesn't die out after the first month we want to spice things up. As we try to go to the gym when we have time, it seems silly not to take advantage of everything on offer…

With most gym memberships you get a variety of the fitness classes for free. From yoga to bodypump there is literally something for everyone. That doesn't mean every class is for everyone though, so we are going to test and try them all out and help you find out which is for you. If you are like us, you’re probably wondering what ‘Legs, Bums and Tums’ actually involves. Throwing yourself into a class with no prior knowledge may be terrifying, so let us do the hard work and be your fitness class guinea pigs.

Every week we’ll try out a different class and review it back to you. As always two minds are better than one, so we’re going to compare our experiences and give you two takes on each class. Not everyone wants the same thing out of classes so it’ll be exciting to see what each of us likes and dislikes. To make things easier we’ll get a rating system going: rating classes based on DIFFICULTY, ENERGY LEVEL (basically sweatiness) and how FUN they are. Then, provided we complete each one (with classes named ‘Colossal Circuits’ we’re not so sure!), we’ll let you know what kind of work out we would recommend them for such as Strength, Toning, Burning Fat and so on.

Classes are so much more exciting than the gym. You can tell friends, bring friends and even make friends! Watch this space for Workout Wednesdays…

Let the games begin!


  1. Looking forward to this series! I just started going to the gym after work with a few co-workers; it's so much easier when you have a friend with you.

  2. Thanks we're excited too! It really is isn't it, friends make it so much easier!x