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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Breakfast Club: Restaurant Review

I'd only just come across the breakfast club when hunting down pancake day ideas on Time Out. It's a really popular chain of restaurants, first started in soho, which was evident when there was a queue of 15 outside at 1pm on a Monday! When coincidentally Hannah suggested we go, I couldn't wait! She highly recommended their food and having been to their other chains, absolutely loves it! Having seen pictures of their pancakes online I already loved it before we even left the house. And I was not disappointed...

So normally when there's a queue I would suggest we go somewhere else but having built up the experience all morning, and not eaten to save our appetite, this wasn't an option. With high reviews all round the queue could only be a good sign.

We sat in the back section on a little table bang in the middle. There are only 10 tables all together so it was sweet, comfortable and not too crowded. The decorations we're really vintage and homey. As you can see in the picture there was photographs, notes, memorabilia, fairy lights, everything to make a pretty interesting pin board type decor. 

I'll admit I was set on pancakes from the word go but there is so much to choose from on the menu I was nearly persuaded otherwise. On the breakfast menu they had everything from full English, French toast, eggs Benedict, pancakes... There was nothing I wouldn't have chosen. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I love all these types of meals. 

I went for the pancakes + bacon with maple syrup and Hannah had pancakes + berries and cream. Both were delicious! We barely finished them, in fact I don't think either of us ate all the pancakes they were so filling. We also got French toast on the side...oops. Both of us were a bit gutted we hadn't chosen that so instead we had the best of both worlds (we shared! So it'd not that greedy...).  Thank goodness we saved our appetite until then, otherwise it would have been a very poor effort. 

The juices and smoothies also looked great and with a sweet, filling breakfast like we had you have to choose a refreshing beverage. I almost chose the peanut butter smoothie as I cannot resist anything sweet. However,I went with my head and had the mango go smoothie. Such a good decision. Any more sweet and this would have been too sickly, especially for the first meal of the day! And these smoothies were so good, I nearly finished mine before my food arrived. 

The atmosphere was cosy and not too noisy due to it being a small restaurant. They even had Beyoncé Playlist on the go! Eating to 'who run the world' - It couldn't have been more perfect. The staff were friendly and everyone was enjoying the atmosphere. It was clear most people in there had heard about the breakfast clubs great reputation. There was pictures being taken left, right and centre (us included) but it was nice to see everyone wanting to capture their experience. Although I'm a great believer in actually enjoying what you're doing being the main thing.

If the restaurant wasn't quirky enough, Hannah opened the drawer of our table (yes it had a drawer!) to find a collection of napkins, notes and items left by customers. Our favourite was the chat up line list which really brightened up my day. From heartfelt to hilarious, this customer left us smiling. Another read 'it's better to burn out than fade away' - some inspiration right there. After a long week on both our parts, it resonated with us and actually, it really is a good line (or were we just getting sucked into these gestures?). Here are a few which we read through: 

Ofcourse, it would only be right for us to leave our own little memory of the day. A little soppy but true to us our napkin read: 'friendship isn't about being inseparable it's about being separated and nothing changes'. Hopefully some other friends having a breakfast date may read this one day!

The pricing is the same as you'd expect to pay at most places when eating out, at £7-£10 per meal. It may seem steep for breakfast but if you're going to eat out, why not do it first thing! It was good value and I would certainly pay it again. And did I mention the food was mouth-wateringly delicious? I hope my pictures bring this across well. Although they don't do it justice... So you have to go there and try it yourself. 

There are other restaurants at Angel, Hoxton, Spitalfields and Battersea Rise . And if you're free, hungry or have little to spend this pancake day, try their 12 pancakes in 15 minutes challenge. See info here.

This is the best place I have had breakfast ever and I challenge you to find better.  

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