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Monday, 10 February 2014

Single On Valentines Day? Don't Worry We'll Get Through This Together...

I LOVE Valentines day. I love the cards, teddies, flowers, seriously shower me with all things romantic and cheesy I will lap it up.

But these things aren’t necessary to have the perfect Valentines day, not even the men are. Don’t get me wrong, men are great. I’m a massive appreciator of the male species, and if you have a man get planning the perfect romantic evening. BUT if you happen to be single, lets not wallow ladies.. MAKE THE MOST OF IT, it won’t always be this way...

So while you can, appreciate that:

It’s a great reason to get all your friends together, either go out or stay in - perfect excuse for a girls night!

Everyone is in a happy mood, people are just walking around smiling, it’s such an easy day to make friends - so get chatting!

Warning: some people find this weird. Be prepared for funny looks and comments like "where I come from, people don't talk to each other on buses..." ok then!

You’re saving dosh, no cards or presents to buy (unless you want to, I’m sure someone will take them)

If you're going for it... this has to be the best present choice, let me know how it goes!

Finally, there can be no disappointments- it’s just you and you’re great... so whats not to love?!
And hey if you’re still not convinced, just be glad that you’re not one of THESE girls.

So, SINGLE or TAKEN, please go forth and plan an AMAZING day and spread the lurveee. <3

If you've got someone special this Valentines take a look at Meli's post here to get some inspiration for the big day!

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