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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Life As A Third Year: Facts

So I'm well on my way to finishing university with only one and a half terms left to complete. I can see the end and it terrifies me! I can't believe it has gone so quick as I can still remember freshers week like it was a few months ago. But at the same time looking at the person I was three years ago, I hardly recognize myself. I had no idea who I was, what I liked or who I wanted to be. Now with the prospect of real adulthood around the corner, I am pleased to say I have a good idea of all three. Although there is so much more I need to learn and experiences to be had, it's comforting for the moment. As a third year, I am able to reflect on my time at Uni and make the absolute most of everything before it's over. Don't let this depress you though, if anything it is just the beginning! Take a look at my third year facts and why, through what seems like never-ending work and stress- filled weekends, it really isn't that bad...

Here's a few assumptions that everyone makes surrounding third year (I make these excuse far too much) which don't need to be true:


This may be true but let's face it, when you complain about this it is likely you've wasted some of those hours just sitting on your laptop, watching t.v or even taking a nap. I am guilty of napping when I have a spare hour between Uni and work. But this wouldn't be necessary if I'd had a good nights sleep. With Uni, extra curricular activities and a part-time job it may seem like there's zero time left. So, the solution? Plan your days for the week ahead. I have learnt that it is crucial to not just take each day as it comes anymore, as Uni work comes back to bite me. Set a few aside afternoons a week for work rather than one whole day. When that day comes it's unlikely you'll spend all 10 or so hours doing work, it's better to do a few hours here and there of full concentration. (If you are struggling with getting to grips with your work check out Becca's dissertation tips here) This leaves time for you to have gone to Uni, been to the gym and then later to go to work as well - making you productive in all areas of your day. So plan which days you'll do work, which days you have sports/society activities and or when you're going to the gym. And don't forget to leave yourself lots of free time. Everyone needs to relax and do fun things.

A popular quote I love is: 'Wake up with a plan of action, got to bed with satisfaction'


When did pizza and snacks become my evenings? From time to time I feel like I complain about this. Mainly because, unlike first year, I can't handle 5 nights in a row and sleeping until 5pm the next day... Where i ventured out only for food. But I'm over that and anyone feeling they are missing out on this now they're in there final year, don't! Think about when you did go out night after night, was every night amazing? For me a lot of them were very much the same and we went to the same places again and again. Don't get me wrong I had a great time but now, before I leave this city I prefer to explore a bit more. Going out only once or twice a week means I look forward to it much more and because I've made time for it I can really let my hair down. Going out less often means these tend to be really good nights with many memorable moments. It also means with only a few big nights a week, you can make time and save money for a few relaxed evenings going out for drinks or having dinner, which I prefer. So instead of 5 crazy nights, mix it up with a couple of big nights and then a few nights in or meals out.


I know in first year everywhere you went people would ask you your name and what course you studied. This has obviously died out now, and it's easy to get into the mindset that you know as many people as your probably going to know. But are you not going to meet peoples after Uni? Then surely this is not a freshers week activity, but a life skill. Throughout your life you will constantly meet new people in every direction you go. So why stop now? I have joined another sports and a society in my final year... It's never too late. You never know who you could meet in your final term, they could become of one your friends for life. (Excuse the gossip girl photo... but you know what better example than best friends)

So join new things, get out more, go to events, talk to people on your course you haven't spoken to and make as many friends as possible. 

Third year (or any year in fact) is the time to go to places you've meant to go to but never got around to it. Or join sports you always wanted to try. Get everything you can out of the university experience as nowhere in the future will you find so many experiences so readily available to you. It's no time to complain but a time to thrive in being able to do so much more.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for making uni as positive as it can be and reassuring you that life has not become boring!


  1. This is such a cute blog! I'll definitely be reading more! :) I'm in my last semester of my 4th year and I'm starting to reflect back on my experiences in my blog,

    1. Thank you I'm so glad you liked it :) we've only just got going so I hope you like what's to come! Watch this space. we will make sure to check out your blog too!

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  5. the beyonce mug has had an effect on me! im a very lazy student and this post has inspired me x

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