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Monday, 10 February 2014

Got Yourself A Valentine This Year? Make It Count!

For those of us lucky enough to share this day with that special someone, let's make the most of it and really show them how much they mean to you. It may be a cheesy holiday, with bears, flowers and heart-shaped chocolates flooding the shops but that shouldn't put you off. Embrace the day. What better excuse to buy all the cute gifts and make your boyfriend/girlfriend smile. With this being my first proper valentines day I've been hunting down inspiration and can't wait to make this an amazing day... 

I know some people take this day to be on the level of birthdays and Christmas with regards to gift buying. But this isn't necessary. What is important is that you spend time together doing something really fun. However, I love buying presents to give especially on this day. I like to give one nice gift and then more importantly loads of little things we can both share such as chocolates, baked goodies and wine/champagne if you're feeling like going all out. 

Baking heart shaped treats is adorable and I can't wait to get to doing it this year. It is cheap and your efforts will be really appreciated. Not to mention how amazing they look. I'll be making chocolate dipped strawberries and brownies. 

Although restaurants are really busy on Valentines day, I think it's perfect to go out for dinner.  My boyfriend and I cook together/for each other a lot so when we get the chance we love to eat out. I love getting dressed up and sitting in a lively restaurant being waited on. Who wants to cook? Go out for nice food and don't worry about the cooking. Instead spend more time chatting to each other. Or go out for lunch, afternoon tea or even just hot chocolate. If you'd rather stay in and order pizza, there's nothing wrong with that either. Pour some glasses of wine and have a cosy night in. I'm a big believer in there's nothing better than sharing good food with great company. 

Spending the day tucked in bed watching films does sound heavenly. However, if you're like me and quite restless you may prefer to go out and do something. Whether that be a planned activity, having a picnic or even just going for a walk. Doing things together means you can get to know each other more and unlike watching films you can talk. This doesn't mean being out and about all day. You'll appreciate coming home and relaxing after a long day. 

Taking the time to relax is my favourite part of the day. Whether that be pampering yourselves with massages, candle lit supper (for me candles are a must whatever the situation) or snuggled up a rose-petaled bed (so typical I know but I love that idea).  

I can't wait to celebrate valentines day this year and even though you should show your love and appreciation throughout the year, why not take this chance to show them. You don't have to spend a lot on this day and more thoughtful, cost less presents are often more romantic. Don't worry if you have a more understated day planned, everyone is different and I'm sure whatever you do will be amazing. And if you're single check out Becca's post here...

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