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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Canal Mills Leeds - Brandon Street Night Market

I'm not one to pass up on an opportunity for pancakes, so when I heard there'd be a stall at the night market we had to go.

I thought the market was such a good idea and a bit of a different way to spend a friday night, it brought together music, art and street food all at the perfect location for this sort of thing; Canal Mills.

From outside it looked like nothing, but taking a couple of steps closer we could already hear the DJ and smell the food.. mmmm. The atmosphere was great, as soon as we walked through the door artists were creating work right in front of us, there was a whole row of food stalls and the entire room was filled with people enjoying themselves.

What was really nice was how friendly everyone was, people were chatting in the queues and everyone was sat down on long benches so it was all pretty social. There was also a great age range, being students it can be pretty easy to go a whole term without really speaking to anyone who isn't a student, in fact sometimes you can forget that other people exist all together, so it was nice to attend an event with a whole range of different people.

What was better than the atmosphere? The food. We headed straight for the crepes, the queue took a while so I did spend a good amount of time eyeing up the hotdogs next to us- next time I'm definitely getting more than one course.

There is just something about street food, and something even better when it's inside so you're not freezing while you eat it.

Now for the crepes...
This stall was particularly cute with fairy lights and bunting, in fact, the whole place was lit up with nice lighting and bits of arty decoration.

We didn't stay too long but definitely could have stayed longer, it was the sort of place that you could just sit for hours with a group of friends and have a catch up while enjoying the atmosphere.

The event was free, the food was tastyyy, and the mood was great - what more could you ask for?

If you missed it this time around, don't worry it will be back! The market is set to take place on the last friday of every month so give it a few weeks and head down on the 28th of feb to enjoy some of the tasty treats!


  1. Ahhhh I miss English/European markets.. the farmers markets we have here just don't have the same whimsy.

  2. They are pretty great! Next time you're over you'll have to check it out x