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Friday, 17 January 2014

Thursday Lates At Manchester Art Gallery, 'Video Jam' Review

Last night I met a friend at the Manchester Art Gallery for a late night exhibition and 'Video Jam', I didn't really know what to expect but assumed it would be something along the lines of a live band, some wine and a look around the galleries.

Don't get me wrong, there was wine, live music and art but it was so different from what I had pictured. For a start the place was absolutely packed and the music, rather than being a band in the corner of the room, was almost trance like. There were videos being projected on screens and the atmosphere was great, very arty. 

We settled in, got our drinks and then headed up to one of the exhibitions, but as we reached the entrance everything got a bit louder downstairs and not wanting to miss out we went to a balcony where we could get a good view. Hidden around the corner from us was a group of men all wearing mining hats with torches on, either a stag do had got lost or something was about to happen.

(At this point I should probably point out that the exhibition we had come to see looks at the Industrial Revolution in relation to British pop culture)

The men then marched around the corner singing "heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go..." 

I loved it, such a contrast to the music that had previously been playing and again not at all what I had expected from the night!

They then sang another song before a band started playing. 

After we had watched the music for a bit we went to have a look around the exhibition 'All That Is Solid Melts Into Air', this time making it past the entrance, the exhibition was also really good, definitely worth a visit. 

The use of pop culture was really interesting and emphasised the contrast between the lifestyle and opportunities that were available at the time in comparison with today. 

All in all, it really was a great evening. 

The gallery has late nights on every thursday (open till 9pm) with different events on every week. There's no need to book and they're free, what more could you ask for!

So if you fancy a cultured night out check out the website here for more details.

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