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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The British Synchronised Skating Championships

Ice skating is one of those things that I have ALWAYS wished I could do, my mum used to teach it and I am just incredibly jealous of her ability to jump around and not fall flat on her face.

So when I heard our friend, Karen, was competing in the British Synchro Championships in Sheffield last Saturday I decided to head over to cheer her on.

I had never actually watched a skating competition before, I’ve been to a fair amount of christmas shows, but nothing competitive or synchoronised, so this was completely new for me. It was much more to the point than previous show’s I’ve seen, a team would perform, the judges would read out a score and then the next lot would come on... think along the lines of the first stages of the X-Factor but on ice and without Simon Cowell.

Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photographs at the event, so I had lugged my camera all the way to Sheffield for nothing. BUT I have managed to nab a few pictures off Karen, so here are a couple of her team.

 Synchro skating is pretty new to Britain so while the actual skating was mixed at times, the atmosphere was really positive with everyone cheering on their teams and it was a great day. To top it off Karen's team did really well, so we were happy.

And of course, now all I want to do is put my skates back on and you know... become amazing.

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