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Friday, 31 January 2014

Dissertation Inspiration: How To Get Productive

Back at uni and I have realised that I am in serious need of some dissertation inspiration. With just over two months to go I have decided to hit the library with full force.

I reached a bit of a stand still with my dissertation, and up until now have pretty much chosen to ignore the problem, oops. BUT that is going to change and I AM going to get more reading done, I AM going to put some words on the paper, and it WILL be done by the deadline. YES.

So if you are like me and struggling to get out of a work rut here’s my go-to list to kickstart some productivity! ...

Procrastinate. This may seem like an odd place to start but if you do everything you were planning on doing to distract yourself first it'll be done and out the way. So go ahead, kickback to an episode of friends.

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind. My room seems to get far too messy far too easily SO before I can properly focus to work in it I need to give it a good old spring clean. It's pretty helpful to be able to find those books you need to be writing about...

Routine. I need routine when it comes to getting work done, so kind of like when you’re revising and you make a timetable (that you probably never stick to) it’s a good idea to decide on how many hours a day you’re going to spend writing or how many chapters you’re going to read so you have something to aim towards.

Fitness. I find I work so much better when I’m exercising regularly, so make time to go to the gym, do an exercise video... or run around the house, whatever you fancy but do something! Oh and eat healthily of course- smoothies have become my absolute favourite thing at the moment.

Avoid the crazy. Don’t work 24/7 (unless you really have left it toooo late, in which case stop reading this and go and do some work!). You’ll drive yourself crazy just sitting in the house or library constantly so make sure you give yourself me-time. Go out, watch a movie, grab food, shop, do something that isn’t work.    

The working environment. Don’t underestimate the importance of where you choose to work! The library, as I have recently discovered, is great. It’s quiet and you are surrounded by other people who are working. Also, full of eye candy if you do happen to get bored.

Friends. Friends are the best, great in lots of ways, but particularly useful when they’re incredibly stressed with work too. They understand your pain. My housemates are very focused and so encourage me to work. They also often have good ideas so find a friend and just chat about work for a bit, you may find that they solve that problem you've been stuck with.

Books/ Wikipedia - Same thing? Apparently not. So this year I have learnt that I can't just google everything, at some point Wikipedia will stop being useful, so head on down to the library- books are your friends.

HELP. This is the point I’m at right now, if you’re really stuck with something get in contact with a lecturer/ personal tutor about it. Arrange a meeting, they’re normally friendly and ready to help so go and quiz them on everything you don’t understand... I’m writing my big list of questions now.

Write. Just start writing, get some ideas down on the page and you may surprise yourself with how much you actually know, or how much you don't... in which case, refer to #9.

Sometimes all you need is a little push to get going, so take this as yours... Push.

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