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Sunday, 12 January 2014


As a group of four girls this city perfectly combined all of our holiday preferences. Whether you wanted a beach holiday, cultural trip,to experience the nightlife or have private lessons from Spanish lifeguards (yes, this happened!) - it has everything. Of course we wanted to do all of the above! With only 5 days we managed to do so much, although the motto 'who needs sleep' had to be repeatedly mentioned. That said, Barcelona seems to be alive at every hour, so obviously we didn't want to miss out. We stayed at the Generator hostel, which was not like any other hostel we've seen. The funky decor, swinging ceiling chairs and general service provided was similar to many contemporary hotels.

A few must-sees in Barcelona are the Sagrada Familie, Parc Guell, the national art museum and much of the gaudy architecture. All of which we're amazing, in particular the Park Guell was a highlight with the amazing views and pretty mosaics. Spreading out these activities across the morning of our holiday we could then still spend most of an afternoon at the beach. Win-win!

Beach time would not be complete without some form of neon fashion. Nor would our holiday without an item of attention-seeking, completely cringe piece of clothing. We ticked 
both of these must-haves off with THE OFFENSIVE TSHIRT. You know the kind typically found on teenagers, on party boats on a Greek Island somewhere. We brought this to Barcelona. A classy, cultural city. (We may or may not have got matching pants too) No regrets. These made for perfect beach wear and even cooler photos.

Although we love soaking up the sun for hours, there is so much more to do at the beach. We roller-skated one afternoon which was really fun. Also we made some friends on the beach, always fun! Especially when they are the lifeguards who invited us for lessons after their duty. We could not have planned this if we wanted to. It was hilarious, difficult and totally surreal. No one else was on the beach and we were being taught many life saving manoeuvres and who can be disappointed with a Spanish lifeguard. Spontaneous activities are the best ones so I'd say meet as many people as you can as you never know what opportunities could present themselves!

In particular we met so many people from all around the world on our nights out. This included:







...and German to name a few!

We went out every night, and each was completely different to the last. Mainly we went out on las Rambles as we were introduced to this on the first pub crawl. In the heart of the city was where the locals went out. The atmosphere was great and drinks were ridiculously cheap! On the last night we thought we probably should venture to the tourist clubs on the beach known as the Port Olympic. Although significantly bigger than the places we had been in the centre, this was full of young tourists, expensive and not nearly as enjoyable (unless you like clubs which are 90% creepy men).

As a whole we loved the city and the people, sights, nightlife and beaches that it had to offer. It was everything we expected and more! It was an amazing holiday with so many hilarious moments that I will never get over.

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